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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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hour entire area a bryces for the first big winter storm of the season, snow moved into into jersey shore, here's what it looks like in avalon right now >> new castle delaware, the flakes have been falling for some time now. we've got our eye on the conditions in newark. >> here's a look at stormscan 3, ewing the huge system as it turns through the region, a special hour-long edition of "eyewitness news" dwindling now. philadelphia is beginning to feel the effects right now, a blizzard warning has been issued. >> i'm jessica dean. we got a lot of cancel litigations and you can see them at the bottom of your screen right now. as this storm definitelys, we have our team spread out across the area. tonight we begin if our weather center with meteorologist kate bilo. who has the very latest on this storm's track. kate
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>> jessica and ukee the storm is tracking just about as we head anticipated, although the bands of heavy snow are moving a little further to the north and west than it looked like they might. even our north and west suburbs shift i do not a heavy snowfall rain, without further a do, here's a major system, blizzard of 2016 working it's way up the eastern sea board. snowing at a pretty good clip clip, a lot of reports on twitter, started to snow in marlton and with a coating says steward in west chester. todd in west chester has a coating and slick on surfaces. and sean says light snow falling now in dell company. so the entire area starting to see that snowfall right about 7:00. maybe a couple of hours earlier than i had anticipated yesterday. we had that seven to 11 raining for you, this came in generally after the commute for most folks. to at the shore in southern delaware came in earlier. take a look what's going on, the heaviest snow right now over portions of central and eastern
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virginia. heavy snow falling in west virginia as well are as well, you can see how far this goes, if this storm took a sharp right and move out to sea, you'd get the cut-off. it's going to to transfer it's energy to a coastal low and really strain end as we head through the overnight hours throwing big bands of snow back into the delaware valley. here's your blizzard warning, this going into effect tonight and continues until 10:00 sunday morning. and this is really for the entire region. notice anything shaded in red is a blizzard warning, you. you may notice why is cape may county not in red. doesn't look like we'll have enough snow at the height of the wind to really blow and drift like that. a high wind warning in a winter storm warning for those spots the rest of region. at blizzard warning and it goes until sunday morning. again, here are our snow amounts and we've shifted all of this north and eastward. 16 to 20 inches of snow expected. in philadelphia is included in that. wilmington is included in that.
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cities like exton here in chester county. much of the mainly in that 16 to 20 ranger, 12 to 16 over a foot of snow, close to a foot and a half in a wide swap including the lehigh valley. trenton into much of interior south jersey. notice amounts fall off a little bit as you head south and east of towns like dover and towards the shore, you will have problems with mixing. notice this pink area, this purple area, over 20 inches lurking close by. there may be areas that do overperform with this. i can see a few spots, especially in this dark blue that could end up with over 20 inches of snow. there are limiting factors that we'll talk about in just a moment that could bring down some of of those snowfall totals in at least parts of the area. let's talk about when the worst of the storm will be, tomorrow through tomorrow afternoon, tonight is not a picnic. tomorrow the first half of the day worst of it. blizzard conditions. bands of stow up to three inches in an hour. insane sfoefl rates. wind 40 to 50. blowing the snow around, you're
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not going to be able to see very far, causing that blizzard warning, my advice, if you're him right now, stay there and don't think about going out again until at least midday on sunday. ukee and jessica, we'll have more in a bit >> see you. in addition to the snow moving already in some areas. coastal flooding is a major concern at the jersey shore tonight. >> barnegat official vess issued a mandatory evacuation notice for all residents between the barnegat municipal bathing beach and east bay avenue bridge. cleve bryan is live in avalon with the latest. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, it's the wind that is really going to cause the coastal flooding conditions going to push the water in the the base and not let it recede during several high tied cycles. that wind we're already feeling it whipping in my face here. the snow is covering avalon boulevard. it's accumulating and starting to drift up in certain spots. in fact, right al the roadway here, this what they call the
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turtle tubing the turtles from crossing the roadways, we can see already the snow drifts here are several inches covering my entire boot. the snow is really whipping around. i want to show you how the snow looks when it comes across your headlights, this one of our lights here for our live set. the snow is kind of swirls. that's exactly what you're going to deal with when the wind mixes with the snow and they talk about those white-out conditions. you're thinking about driving. if you still have an opportunity now, do what you got to get, get home. it could be very dangerous on it roadways. reporting live in avalon, cleve bryan, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> to could be blind wig the glare. >> officials all across our area are preparing for what's ahead. a state of emergency goes into effect in delaware at midnight. >> news report alexandria hoff is if newark for us tonight. alex? >> good evening over the past hour, we've seen a significant
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increase in the amount of accumulation here in downtown newark. what feels also like a drop in temperatures. it's quite frigid out here. the snow is the kind where it can be blinding when you're looking right into it. i'm just standing here. we're hoping we're going to see a drop in the phone number of people on the roads. that is not fun having this coming right into your face. of course the storm did which up from the south, that means the lower section of the state was hit first with this. but when all is said and done, looks like up here, the northwestern section of the state will be hit hardest when it comes to totals. state of emergency will be into effect at midnight. that means that access to many major roadways will be restrict to do just necessary personnel. they want to leave these roadways open to all emergency responders. that comes to parking too. we started to see orange bags getting put out here. that means that this emergency parking is the first to snowplow route. they're going to be out for a long time. delaware department of transportation has spent past
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couple days prepping the sample and brine, 13,000 roadways to keep with. when it comes to snow falling this fast, there's only so much you can do. you want to stay off the roadways, just walking around here right now early, it is slippery. funny part is, i have to say still seen people wearing shorts out here. maybe i believe they're thinking back on christmas and when winter was warm, because winter was certainly here time to take it serious and we are hoping we will see left people on the roadways. again, the state of emergency goes into effect here in delaware at midnight. reporting live in newark, i'm alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> take it serious for her. snow emergency for the city of philadelphia officials are urging residents to take action to stay safe during the storm. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon monday joins us at city hall with more tilts, rahel good evening. >> reporter: we're just now starting to see the snow falling at city hall. it's coming down lightly but very heavily and quickly.
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i'd say, meantime, take a look behind me. you can see a very thin lawyer of snow starting to accumulate, and taking a look the a that he is roads, already getting were the and of course, we know, this is just the beginning. the city of philadelphia is as good as closed. >> as a result of the snow emergency, all librarys and recreation centers will be closed this weekend. also, hearings scheduled for parking tickets and citations are also cancelled. >> reporter: ahead of this weekend's snow storm, philadelphia declared a snow emergency, much of septa's lines won't be running, 311 hours are extended and trash pickup is rescheduled to next week, as trash vehicles are converted to snow plows >> the plowing operations for the impending storm will require full deployment, over 400 plows and 600 personnel will be on the street as we announced
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yesterday. we ask that our citizens use extreme caution if they must travel on the roadways. >> reporter: while some will be forced to work, after all, someone has to plow the roads, city leaders suggest staying indoors. exactly what l ois plans on doing. >> my husband likes the snow. i don't care for it. really enjoy this sunshine. >> reporter: back out here live again, the snow just now starting to come down. you can see those roads are already wet. it doesn't take much for the roads to get wet. as we, of course, concept to expect more snow this weekend. city officials saying an urging motorists to stay off the roads. it doesn't take much to create treacherous conditions. we heard from mayor kenny today urging folks to stay home, warm and try to enjoy the weekend with your family. reporting live at city hall,
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rahel solomon monday, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. montgomery county is preparing for the storm. today, county commissioner is approved disaster emergency declaration >> that is done in order to allow us to receive certain assets from the pennsylvania national guard, if needed. and also, if there are significant amount of damages to be able to recover financially from the commonwealth, should such a need arise. >> staff and it's emergency operation center will be working 12-hour shifts through at least sunday morning. delaware county officials have been bracing for the blizzard and declared a disaster state of emergency there. >> we're going to get heavy storm with high winds and what's concerns us the most is that the water in the mixture is going to be heavy with power lines and that's what we're concerned about as far as the county government is concerned. >> "eyewitness news" at the county's emergency operations center, which is now operating until monday morning. county officials urge residents to register for the co alert
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which is the system that alerts a residents of emergencies >> we want to see the snow pictures. get them safely post them on social media with the #cbs3 snow. you might see them right here on tv. coming up on "eyewitness news" how septa and amtrak are handling this weekend's storm. al, i want to take you inside local grocery stores. >> a live look over washington, dc. it's getting hit hard right now. a closer look at the conditions at our nation's
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blizzard warning is in effect, as this major winter storm settless put, kate bilo will be tracking the storm and we'll have the latest coming up. shoppers were out in full force this afternoon preparing
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for the storm hurrying to get the items >> giant in delaware county, many stocking up on the popular milk, eggs and bread. the yogurttook a hit a train may be your best bet >> 30th street station where no trains have been cancelled as of yet. amtrak trains on the north corridor will continue to operate data and tomorrow but on a modified schedule. some trains south of philadelphia including washington, dc have been cancelled. >> for the most part, trains are able to operate through pretty severe conditions. other pieces of infrastructure, however, especially dated infrastructure like we have on the northeast corridor can be vulnerable >> they urge travelers to give themselves extra time due to the storm, septa is suspending most of it's services beginning at 4:00 a.m. septa officials say they hope to
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restore most service by early sunday morning. all regional rail lines, bus and trolley routes and the norristown high speedline will be suspended. the market/frankford and broad street lines will be running cousin continuously. they're staying open so emergency personnel and hospital workers can travel. a lot of people trying to get home this afternoon before the snow really starts coming down >> meisha joins us >> jessica and ukee our rush is finally coming to a close. what we are seeing is snow is now moving in. still plenty vehicles on the roadways, i would suggest hurry up and get home. it's coming down. when we look at our traffic cameras, you can see this haze, letting us know snow coming down here, 95 south at cottman avenue, this is one of the areas that starting to get that kind of blur. we're seeing it on the schuylkill conshohocken curb. you can see as the vehicles drive by kind of kicks up that slush behind us, that's letting us know also that snow when it
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hits it's for the purposeing that kind of slush. now, what that makes the more dull to drive. of course, we're going to see it enhanced as we move through the storm. 95 north as delaware state line, plenty of headlights and taillights still out there. of course you're also seeing on the roadways, that snow, here's another place, blue route northbound as mcdade, past 95. you can see certainly snow on the roadways there. when we go to our wide, you can see all of our scales are up to 55, 47, the schuylkill is at 41. 48 on the blue route. all of your sensors showing nice and high, which is what we want to see, lot of you are getting home, but there's still plenty of vehicles. starting midnight, to vehicles can pull trailers, they're not allowed on the pa turnpike or on the northeast extension. make note of that. 45 miles per hour. again, that starts at midnight. and remember tomorrow, all saturday flights are cancelled.
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as of now, that storm, like it or not. it is coming. ukee and jessica back to you. >> thank you so much >> kate bilo is tracking the storm in our weather center. we start with meteorologist lauren casey, whose the out on it sky deck. lauren >> thanks so much, been on watch on the sky deck all evening long. now, confirmed flakes and the intensity starting to pick up. i have a little bit of a coating on my coat. i've only been out a couple minutes. we certainly have a it coulding going on on the floor of the sky deck. really in the last 30 minutes or so. the flakes are coming down and now the intensity really ramping up. this is a far reaching storm, not just in the delaware valley. check out all of the states under some kind of winter weather advisory, watch or warning. nearly 20 states being impacted by this far reaching and very point tent simply we got the blizzard warning here, in fact, in the delaware valley and reaching down to the delmarva pen nine la, much of the area,
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with the exception of the immediate coast line is under this blizzard warning which runs from now until early sunday, high wind is in effect down the shore. snow up to 20 inches possible through this event w at 50 miles an hour, big concern for coastal flooding warning in effect along the jersey shore coast line and for the delaware beach and power outages at the shore, looking likely. hopeful fully you have your flies, as we go into next 48 hours, to tell you more you bah when this storm will start to wrap itself up, i'm going to toss it over to kate bilo who has more tilts and a check of stormscan 3 >> it's amazing how quickly it start to do pile up. it was completely dry at 6:00. no you we got a night oating going. the parking lot at the cbs3 studios coated as well. this storm piling up fast, once the snow starts, it's not going to stop for quite some time.
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you can the heaviest of the snow right now over portions of virginia, we got heavy snow in western virginia as well. the dark purple shading where the heaviest is at the moment. as we zoom toward our region. you can see the steadiest in this little band right here over montgomery county down through philadelphia just heard from steve on twitter who says roads on the mainline starting to get a little bit hair ri. use extra caution there. if you're to the south, we've had significant snow at least over an inch in portions of delaware. things are starting to slow down there as well. in fact, take a look at these snow totals. the started only a couple hour ago and we're up to an inch and a half or more. 1.4, fen wick at .5 right now and this is just the first couple of hours of this extended duration storm that's going to be with us right through possibly early sunday morning. hopefully it will get out faster since it came if faster. that's only fair i think. future weather by 11:00 we got snowfall everywhere from the
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poconos all the way to the shore. it's going to be snowing. here are a few things i want to to watch. mix line is at 11:00 still cold, temps in the 20 for much of the day across portions of the region and that mix line does start to edge further inland as we start to work with some of those very warm ocean water temperatures. 3:00 a.m. still snow for it and we start to see mixing along the shore. cape may county, as you say sex by 7:00 a.m. rain, rest of the region, snow, not very far inland 9:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. still snowing heavily from the lehigh valley down into south jersey. 3:00 p.m. same story, 7:00 p.m. maybe starting do get few breaks. finally by after 11:00 it does start to wrap up and get out. again, here are sfoefl predictions, 16 to 20 inches, does include the city of philadelphia, down the shore, immediate coast three to six thanks to the mixing. as you head further inland near
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a foot in some of of these spots, 12 to 16, including cities like millville, right up into the portions of burlington county county. 16 to 20 in wilmington and philadelphia, radnor, 12 to 16 far northwest suburbs, sucks to 12 near a foot possible in the poconos, you can see those snow amounts starting to lift up to the north. uncertain factors how far is that mixing in? i believe most of this states snow for much of new jersey. you got to watch the mix line, where did the heavier band set up? on the flip side of that, we could have dry spots. working it's way into the storm and that could slow down the rate of snowfall for awhile. quite how old it will stick around and we have varying snow ratios from light and fluffy to heavy and wet tomorrow. that can compact things a little bit. still perhaps tweakss to be made to the snow map. i believe some areas will will overperform, some under perform. power problems with 40 to 60 per hour gusts around the region. strongest at the shore.
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again we got the heavy wet snow that's going to stick to power outages and trees, outages are likely. maybe have some place you can go, if you're staying put, put logs on the fire, stay warm if you can, get extra blankets. it will get cold quickly. coastal flood warning to the shore, major coastal impacts as well. gusts to 60. beach i erosion rotation, major coastal flooding expecteded. power outages, anyone with a shore house, lifts at the shore, pay attention to the coastal impacts of a prolonged noreaster here tonight. 26 degrees overnight. of her snow all day. blizzard conditions much of the day. worst morning into the mid afternoon. then as we head through the seven-day forecast, you can see things get better. actually in the that cold. that you said, monday, even into next week, we're looking at 40's. that's good news, usually we're frigid arctic blast. on sunday, with highs getting
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below freezing. if the roads are treated, we can get everything off the roads and get thing back to normal. fend how much snow actually falls. that will kind of determine how quickly we get back to our normal activities. >> thanks still ahead, the special edition, much more on it storm, including a look at penndot preparations. also, before the snow hit, one of philadelphia's finest finally left the hospital. more of the homecoming of officer hartnett who was ambushed more than two weeks >> kate watching the major winter storm as it churns into philadelph
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snl storm moves up the coast. washington, dc is expected to take the probity >> craig boswell joins us with the latest.
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how are have things changed? >> reporter: ukee and jessica, good to talk to you again, things have changed a little bit since we talked. these conditions are deteriorating. these flates are getting largerful winds are picking up a little bit. dc mayor has said there are far too many people still out on the road in the nation's capitol. in fact you're about to see, they want people off the roads, wanted them off hour ago in a storm they're describing not just as hinge but life-threatening. >> a monster storm created treacherous driving conditions during the commute from georgia to virginia. people used snowblowers and small plows to clear the sidewalks in new york >> we have a forecast that i don't think we've had in 90 years. >> this satellite image from nasa shows how enormous blizzard is from space. it's expected to sit over washington, dc for the next 36 hours, dumping up to two and a
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half feet of wet heavy snow. officials are concerned about 50 miles per hour winds toppling trees on roofs and power lines >> this is a life-threatening type of storm >> with the potential for three inches of snow an hour, district officials are making main roads and snow evacuation routes a priority >> get off the street, be safe >> air travel has been challenge? united airline skidded off the runway in chicago, other airports in the east are suspending service as a precaution. al the jersey shore, it's not the snow. but a lunar high tied that has residents worried about coastal flooding. while new yorker are placing for up to a foot of snow >> scared of the blizzard >> officials say 50 million people are in the storm's path. back out live in the nation's capitol. check this out. the road conditions here, just a few hours into this. there is ice underneath this
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snow about tree and a half inches so far, they're talking about 36 hours of this. keep in mind just 24 hours ago, here in -- 48 hours in washington, dc, we had that debacle where we had just a dusting and people got stuck in traffic two, three and four hours. other side of this thing, too is dc officials are saying, just be prepared because there may be delayed response times and 911 calls beginning late tonight into saturday, saturday night because this snow is wet and heavy and it's going to be here for quite some time. ukee and jessica back to you. >> just about an hour ago we could see blacktop on the street behind creating. thank you, buddy. director of pennsylvania emergency management is urging residents to prepare for possible power outages. he says utilities are ready to respond. >> i can assure you that the utilities are well ahead of this game, they've gone ahead and brought in additional resources to be able to cover, and be able to in fact, begin work saturday when they possibly can. >> the state is also working
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with fema to provide assistance is necessary. we'd like to give you an update on the philadelphia police officer who was ambushed while on parole. >> officer jesse hartnett is finally able to go home. you hear applause as officer hartnett a was released from penn perry presbyterian today after under going several surgery,s. officer hartnett was shot multi-times. police say as he left, who are not was if good spirits. >> what was just glad he was discharged today. he had a discussion with him very up beat today. really made my day. actually to see that, he's been through some tough times. over the last week and a half or so, and even nice to see the staff applaud him as he exited the building today. >> police say the alleged shooter edward archer confessed saying he was if the name of islam next half hour, philadelphia
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international airport where flights are influx as we head into the storm. >> we have our eye on the track of that storm as it's it settles into our area. kate >> ukee and jessica it's going to be interesting, this just the beginning of a very long duration. high impact winter storm to has duration. high impact winter storm to has taken hold of our ♪ soul on fire, best you learn ♪ can't get higher ♪ ♪ till it burns ♪ man on fire ♪ sole survivor, yeah ow! ♪ get up! probst: medical, medical! woman: god, it just hurts so bad. probst: we're right here with you, all right? woman: oh, my god. all right, we're going to have an evacuation! call for the chopper! ♪ oh ♪ man on fire ♪ sole survivor, yeah.


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